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But Above All, Be A Gentleman.

But Above All, Be A Gentleman


But Above All, Be A Gentleman.

But Above All, Be A Gentleman

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NO GAG REFLEX! Fast forward to the 48 second mark.

Please let me join in and do me next!! WOW!!

Dick pig is sent to heaven…and agree 48 second is HOT

Visit the archive the next time you’re cleaning your rifle…

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 One of the longest Korean gay love scene ive seen in a movie so far. I spoke with the director when we had a drink last night about this specific scene and he told me this is a one shot take and he have seen everything. All my praises to the young gay guy for his brave role. I asked Director Kim if the young guy is gay in real life cos he acts so naturally gay throughout the whole movie and he said he doesnt know but he said the way he acts in the movie is the same way he acts in real life. Still one of the best Korean movie Ive seen this year and my favorite at the Film fest.

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Damn Neil is the man!!! Fucked this stud up

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Sexy Asian Male Model - Jin Xiankui

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